Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Does My Home Need A Sump Pump?

Sump Pump and Back-Up Systems

Thousands of dollars in valuables and stored memories can be lost if your basement floods. Many people lose their furnace too. And the clean up is a long and expensive process.
  • Be sure your sump pump works properly before a spring rainy season. Unplug your pump and pour several buckets of water in the sump pit until it is full. Plug the pump in and if the pump doesn’t turn on, it’s time to replace the pump.
  • Is your pump running continuously due to a lot of ground water? This will shorten the life of your pump, because it is continually working or “cycling”. If it wears out, your basement could flood. Adding an additional pump is an extra safeguard against loss.
  • A back-up pump is a must. If your first pump fails, the second pump will step in. The back-up pump must be run separately. Many back-up pumps fail because they are tied into the primary pump line.
  • Our AquaTech PLUS Dual Alternator System with battery back-up system and alarm will alternate your two sump pumps so that neither of the pumps works too hard. It will also keep your sump pumps running in case of a power outage (a distinct possibility in a storm) and alert you if one your pumps fail, so that you have ample opportunity to change it.
  • Pumps in a shallow pit can short cycle. This occurs when a pump turns on, but doesn’t run very long, shutting off and making terrible noises. Short cycle doesn’t allow the pump to fully start before shutting down. This is hard on your pump and will shorten its life. Make sure your pit is deep enough to handle the amount of water.
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