Friday, February 20, 2015

Sump Pump Systems for The Chicago Suburbs

If your basement floods the losses may be catastrophic. Not just the memories and other valuables that may be stored down there, but many people lose their furnace too. If that were not enough, the time, expense, and effort to clean up the mess just adds to the heartbreak.

Be sure your sump pump works properly before a spring rainy season. Unplug your pump and pour several buckets of water in the sump pit until it is full. Plug the pump in and if the pump doesn’t turn on, it’s time to replace the pump.

Be certain that your pump is not running constantly.  That wear and tear adds up as it continuously cycles the water. 

A back-up pump may be absolutely essential. The back-up pump must be run separately. Many back-up pumps fail because they are tied into the primary pump line.  You need to guard against that.

Our AquaTech PLUS Dual Alternator System with battery back-up equipped with an alarm will alternate your two sump pumps so that neither of the pumps works too hard. It will also keep your sump pumps running in case of a power outage and alert you if one your pumps fail, so that you have ample opportunity to change it.  Do not wait until a spring storm jolts you back to reality.

If you live in the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area, contact AquaTech Plumbing at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 for assistance with all of your plumbing needs.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let’s Think Spring in Chicagoland with Regard to Our Plumbing.

I know, right now it is hard to think about warmer weather.  The truth is winter is taking its toll on your plumbing system.  It is freezing now, but in a couple of months there will be a thaw.  Instead of waiting until the last minute, AquaTech plumbing in the Naperville-Aurora area urges you to think ahead.

This cold weather may be causing freeze-related breaks and leaks that won’t show up until you turn on the water.  Wait to turn on your outside faucets and lawn sprinklers until after nighttime low temperatures are consistently above freezing (32° F) and once you do, remember to carefully check for leaks inside and outside your home.

You can also CALL US and we’ll perform a complete Spring Inspection to make sure your home is ready for warm weather. Though there is a storm on its way and a few more to come, it's never too early to prepare.

In another month or so contact AquaTech plumbing serving the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area at  630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 for a complete Spring inspection which may include…

- Faucet leak check

- Under-sink leak check

- Toilet leak check

- Water heater check-out

- Water Pressure test

- Main Water Shut-off check

- Comprehensive leak check

Take heart.  This season’s end to cabin fever is just around the corner!