Friday, July 7, 2017

Is It Time For A New Water Heater?

Water heaters that use hot water tanks usually last about ten years. Naturally, this is only an average. If you get lucky and maintain your hot water tank, it might last you almost twice as long. On the other hand, it’s not unheard of for a water tank to fail after only two or three years.
If you do need to replace your water heater, you have several decisions to make. With hot water tanks, the key to performance is how much hot water is being stored and how efficiently the tank is being insulated. Other decisions involve which heat source to use (gas, oil, electric, or solar), the size and shape of the tank, what type of insulation you need, whether to use thermal stores, whether your hot water heater is going to be part of your central heating. Many of these decisions may already be made for you, depending on your home and the climate where you live. Talking to a local contractor is the best way to determine what will work best for your particular situation and needs.

If you think it may be time to replace your water heater, call AquaTech Plumbing at (630) 416-3555, (630) 377-9555, or (630) 462-3555, for more information.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sump Pumps Save The Day

How many of you remember the great deluge of 1996? Aurora Illinois received 19 inches of rain in 24 hours matching a national record. You never know when Mother Nature will unleash another monster storm on Chicagoland. Basements were flooded, yards were under water, and roads were closed. How do you protect yourself from an unexpected summer storm?

Try a sump pump with a battery backup system in place. Within hours, a flood can envelop your home from the basement on up. The result could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in water damage, not to mention the loss of personal property that can never be replaced. For the solution call AquaTech Plumbing at (630) 416-3555, (630) 377-9555, or (630) 462-3555, for more information on how you can defend your home against colossal rains.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trick-or-treat Event Set in Downtown Aurora

A special trick-or-treat event will be held in downtown Aurora Saturday, October 29th.
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Time for a Battery Check.

What better time to check the batteries in your sump pump and back-up system than back-to-school time?  You are making that transition from the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to the more disciplined fall and winter season.  Part of that regimen as a home owner is making sure all systems are go for the long months ahead.

Can you even imagine what a flood would do to your worldly possessions?  It can destroy your valuables, your furniture, your furnace, and ruin your finished basement.  A strong battery back-up system and a working back-up sump pump will give you the peace of mind that you deserve in the next 6 months.  Some systems will even alert your cell phone!

Don’t take any chances of living with regrets.  If you live in the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area, call AquaTech Plumbing at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 any time any day.  Aquatech is your full-service sump pump battery check and installation professional in Chicagoland.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


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SEPTEMBER 2nd - 5th

"The Naperville Jaycees' Last Fling is a family-friendly community festival which takes place over Labor Day Weekend in and around Downtwon Naperville and, for many, is a fun way to say farewell to summer! The Last Fling offers a wide variety of attractions for all ages to enjoy including: national and local musicians on two stages, Family Fun Land, a carnival, unique special events, a business expo and a few running events."


Monday, August 1, 2016

What is RPZ?

For those of you who are fans of a certain TV show you might think that RPZ stands for “Really Powerful Zombies”!  In fact, RPZ means “reduced pressure zone”.  RPZ is used in the plumbing world to protect water supplies from contamination.  Irrigation backflow devices are designed to protect against both back siphonage and back pressure of contaminated water into the water supply.

These devices are absolutely essential to keep contaminated water from flowing back into the public drinking water.  Needless to say that it is EXTREMELY important to have them tested by a plumber that is certified to test for RPZ/backflow.  You do not take matters such as this lightly as it effects the public in general not just your own family’s safety.

In the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-
Warrenville-Glen Ellyn family owned AquaTech Plumbing is your certified RPZ backflow plumbing professional.  Call them today at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555.  Aquatech we serve all of Western Suburban Chicago 24/7.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Full-Service Plumber.

There are plumbers and then there are plumbers.  Some do not have the manpower and/or the equipment to do ALL that you need done.  One-man operations may be severely limited on time, materials, and expertise.  When you find the right plumber in Chicagoland’s Fox Valley that does the job right every time at all hours of the day you have indeed found a gem!

AquaTech Plumbing (among many other things) repairs and installs water heaters (including tankless), sump pumps, battery back-up systems of all types, toilets, faucets, and fixtures are no challenge for AquaTech.  Garbage disposals always seem to go bad in the summertime when the kids are home and putting heaven knows what down the drain.  Best of all, they are available for emergencies 24/7.

You simply will not find a better full service plumbing company in the area.  If you live in the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area call AquaTech Plumbing at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 any time any day.  Aquatech is a full-service Chicagoland plumbing company.