Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your Garbage Disposal Should Grind And Dispose Of Waste Quietly.

Is your garbage disposal an angry, loud, picky eater and frequent break-taker? Well, it’s time for a new one. There is nothing worse than having to warn others you’re about to run the disposal. If it sounds like a Harley Davidson and rattles like a semi truck, it’s outdated and inefficient.

At Aqua Tech Plumbing, we are abreast of the newest, latest and most cost and energy efficient disposals on the market. We will not only work with you to help decide which one best suits your needs, we will also install it for you. You will see a difference in quality and efficiency right away.

Your garbage disposal shouldn’t scare animals and induce flashbacks in humans. It should grind and properly dispose of the waste--quietly.

Give us a call today for information on models and installation. We offer the most competitive rates in town and will guarantee our work. So stop letting that Huey Helicopter you call your disposal scare everyone and invest in your future. Your quiet, efficient, green, future.

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