Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is My Water Heater Ready For The Winter Months?

There is nothing like a hot shower or bath on a cold winter morning. We get in and never want to get out. Unless of course we are forced out by the absence of hot water.

How ready is your water heater for the winter months? In order to avoid those unbearable moments where the hot water runs out, follow these simple steps to ensure that your home's water heater won't leave you out in the cold.

First, improve water heater pipe insulation to combat cold water problems in the winter months. This is especially important for tanks that are near an outside wall, in the garage, or other non-insulated spaces that are more susceptible to the elements. Invest in pipe insulation or heat tape and wrap the pipes well. Consult our experts for professional advise.

Investigate the area surrounding the water heater for drafts, cold spots, or cold walls. Any compromises in the insulation can lead to costly waste. Consider resealing any nearby windows, adding caulk to sills, and adding insulation to the walls surrounding the water heater.

Call us if you cannot get enough hot water for your family's comfort. The sooner you get water heater repair, the better, as units in bad repair are less efficient, more costly to operate, and can cause water damage if it begins to leak.

Do a thorough examination of your home's water heater today. If you live in the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area, contact AquaTech Plumbing at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 for assistance in keeping your water heater in good working order.

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