Monday, October 21, 2013

Does Your Home Or Business Piping Need To Be Repaired?

A gas leak can be the deadliest leak there is. Before an odor was added to it, people didn't know they had a leak until it was too late. Today, the odor is there to detect it. However, that doesn't make it any less deadly.

Every year paramedics and firefighters respond to calls of a gas leak after it's too late. The effects of a gas leak can be as small as a patch of grass dying to as large as a whole neighborhood engulfed in flames. Consider a gas leak to be like a leak on a boat. There are no good leaks. If left untreated, the results will be catastrophic.

Whether your home or business' piping needs to be repaired or new piping installed, call us. We take the time to ensure quality installation. Fall is here and Winter is fast approaching. Check your pipes today to see if they are up to the task of keeping your family warm and safe.

If you live in the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area, contact AquaTech Plumbing at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 for assistance in keeping your gas lines in good working order.

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